271_1Le Femme is a versatile line that fits the needs of customers, and not vice versa. Being a small company , we will ensure that buyers do not fall out on the streets with unique dresses and nowhere to be found in any store, at affordable prices. Our goal is to create a custom dress that make you feel special from the same woman who wears it reflecting his personality and being perfectly comfortable with their own dress that one will take a brush because unlike the others we will perform a test directly in the your town !
Our goal is to create an original pattern inspired by your ideas that you provide us with all the details ( color, shape, taste) , so as to realize the dress of your dreams.

We can make the dress in two ways:

Implementation of the model appear including the paper .
The complete outfit tailored .
In this way, by the possibility of achieving even alone, the gown at a lower cost .

This will be done with your ideas thus creating garments that you have always wanted , but never found in the traditional market at a cost not excessive.

We think : “Inside each of us is an artist who is just waiting to be revealed. “