The customer who comes to our site tailoring of high fashion must fill out an entrance test that will let us know his personality and his taste on the fashion. Then we achieve a appear , on the basis of these data, which we will send you e-mail and if approved will be ( making any changes to taste) will pass to the stage of completion of the model .

During the processing of the dress, it will run a TEST ( at our expense) as a seamstress you trust , or a tailoring workshop repair facility nearest to you . You will be asked for a small fee shipping , amounting to € 8, depending on the variant of the head. Again, if the total cost does not exceed € 100 otherwise nothing .

In this phase, the boss will be corrected by bringing any changes ( tighten enlarge etc. ) that will be esequite in our laboratory once he’s returned the dress . Then your boss will be completed and shipped to you with no shipping costs ( FOR ITALY ) abroad is asked for a small contribution of postal charges depending on the country.

Sure that we can provide a welcome service thank you in advance .

We will create a new world if each of us will do its part ! Daniela De – Santis –