The old style tailorhouses has coming back! But with all future comfort.le femme It’s the had made dress tradiction lost? With the high trend tailorhouse “le femme” the 20’s curtain is back. Hand made dresses studied on you,to find the dress you are dreaming on you can’t find. Becouse with because with us fashion is in your hand,for everyone le femme is a company thinked for ladies. But we eant to be a landmarkand a contact, for all these women that are searching for faschion and aesthetics. You don’t need to buy a vesture to find a soluction to your doubts. Visit our forum. But we don’t forget men, that cau use our present card for their ladies. The company born and grow up for the great passion and determination of the holder (De Santis Daniela), whose dream has always been to work with her hands and create splendid clothes to wear for special eventsto make awensome all the women who comes toher atelier The decision to create the company was done because we want to reach all social groups and types of target, because our goal is not to create a style, but to bring it out of you, through the input you there provide, thus creating something original, unique and unrepeatable.